Monday, August 3, 2015

More TTMs

I finally got around to writing and mailing out a few more requests the last few weeks.  I have another bunch ready to go soon as well.

Two have come in already from the most recent batch. I just got Joe Carter back in a week via his home address, where he signed one card for my Topps ATFF sets for $5.  The next day came three Wade Boggs cards for $10 via his home address. That's $10 total, not each.

Joe Carter, VERY fast response time; was 0/1 on him a while
back, but $5 did the trick this time
In addition to the last batch I mentioned sending on 7/24, I also got requests out to Gregg Jefferies, Jason Woolley, Jim Leyritz, Joe Rudi, Mark Gubicza, and Bob Grich on 7/25.  I have a few more written and ready to go tomorrow: Jeffrey Loria, Charles Bowser, Roger Craig (football), Gary Larsen, Lyle Blackwood, Jim Kiick, Anson Carter, Miroslav Satan, and Clayton Kershaw. Once my Canadian return postage arrives this week, I'll be mailing to Moose Dupont, Paul Laus, Norm Ullman, Laurie Boschman, Bob Baun, Chris Nilan, Chris Simon, Nick Kypreos, and Vic Hadfield.

A speedy response from a Hall of Famer, and at $10 for three
sigs, why not? Was 0/1 on him a few years back as well.
I also have a few more ready to go once I feel like writing some more: George Parros, Phil Housley, Doug Smail, Don Beaupre, Gord Murphy, Tom Trebelhorn, Bill Almon, Mike Heath, Archi Cianfrocco, and Richie Hebner.

And once I get some outgoing international postage, there's Janne Laukkanen, Petr Nedved, Jiri Dopita, Roman Cechmanek, Roman Turek, and Guy Lafleur.

I'm sure I'll be sending out more. I really feel like I'm getting back into the swing of things when it comes to mailing. It certainly beats sitting/standing outside in the ridiculous Texas heat with a good chance of not getting anything worthwhile.

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