Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hounding Report: Cleveland Indians, April 1-2, and the Mailbox

Had the first outing to the Ballpark of the season, with absolutely zero luck at the tunnel on Saturday.

Fortunately inside was much better, as I got 23 cards signed by the Indians over two games. Briefly...

Francisco Lindor, 1/2
Jason Bere, 4/4
Brad Mills, 2/2
Bryan Shaw, 2/3
Zach McAllister, 3/3
Roberto Perez, 1/1
Jose Ramirez, 2/2
Trevor Bauer, 1/1
Mike Napoli, 1/1

Francisco Lindor, 1/1
Trevor Bauer, 1/2
Mike Napoli, 2/4
Joba Chamberlin, 2/4

I've also had a few come in via mail-- most can be seen on the Soccer project blog, but outside the MISL Alumni world, I got a few others...

March 23: Aleksander Barkov, c/o Panthers, 2/2, 1 month

March 24: Ron Guidry, c/o Yankees Spring Training, 2/2, 2 weeks

March 26: Bobby Valentine, c/o Sacred Heart University, 1/1, 3 weeks

I also mailed out a ton since the last update. 17 hockey, 14 baseball, 5 soccer, 1 football, and 1 non-sports-related.

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