Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fan Fest? No thanks...

Wow Rangers. Thumbs up for getting info out earlier this year, but...

The list of players for Fan Fest this weekend has surfaced, and to say the least, I am underwhelmed by the alumni.

What happened? Back in 2014, there were 30 players and I got 131 sigs. In 2015, 20 players and 121 sigs. Last year 15 players and about 60 autographs.

This year: ten players. TEN.

Sure, more may be added, but right now having Bobby Jones, Matt Harrison, Darren Oliver, David Murphy, Jeff Russell, Kevin Mench, Mark McLemore, Rusty Greer, Michael Young, and Pete O'Brien on the list makes me think I'd be happier with my $10 plus Ticketmaster fees in my pocket. Young, Greer, and Murphy will have absolute madhouses for their lines. And knowing the Rangers, you can guarantee they'll split those guys off all in separate ones. So now it's not just $10 to get my stuff signed, but it's going to turn into $10 to possibly get my stuff signed.

No thanks.

I have about three cards of Jones left and I can get him at the tunnel. I have nothing for Harrison. I just restocked on Oliver; I'd like him on my photo but he's at every alumni event. I don't have a major need for Murphy. I've gotten a ton from Russell and Mench. McLemore has been crotchety the last few times I've tried to get him (when a career utility infielder one-pers you, that's pathetic). Greer I've gotten a ton but would like him on my photo. Young will be nuts and I don't have a major need for him. Pete O'Brien is the only one I have a major need for, and he likely will be there in August for Alumni Weekend.

I'll keep my eyes open for more additions, but right now I'm listing myself as questionable for this. The bang for the buck gets less and less every year. I could go here, or I could go to band practice, and I feel like spending a few hours banging on drums will be more fun than standing in hour-long lines.

Other players listed:

Lottery: Beltre, Andrus, Lucroy, Mazara, Darvish, Pudge

Current players/coaches: Cashner, Holman, Nicholas, Gomez, Chi-Chi Gonzalez, DeShields, Brocail, Banister, Gallo, Vazquez, Bonifay, Kela, Bush, Hauschild, Martinez, Chirinos, Rua, Dyson, Choo, Buechele, Scheppers, Beasley

Prospects: Fasola, Trevino, Beck, Garrett, Guzman, Mendez


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