Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hounding Report: Dallas Stars, Frisco Roughriders, and NW Arkansas Naturals, April 12

Unfortunately, what we were hoping was going to be perfect timing was... well, not. But overall, Arron, Jake, and I had decent success out in Frisco last weekend.

With the Dallas Stars' season coming to an end at home the night before, we hoped that there was a chance they would have exit interviews the following day. After all, they had done exactly that at least a couple times in the last few years. We learned that it would not be the case, with only two cars being seen in the players' parking lot, neither of which belonged to a player as far as we could tell.  We did get lucky though: Jyrki Jokipakka came by to leave his car off in the lot, and he signed the two 11x14 photos I had of him.

Jokipakka, as a member of Ilves Tampere
But aside from that, it was all baseball. Not that I minded of course, autographs are autographs.  Due to Chris being unable to go, I was handling all his cards for him on a 50/50 deal as well as the photos I had printed up for Joey Gallo and Jorge Alfaro. Sam Selman was the first we saw, signing nine cards for me. Miguel Almonte signed five, Hunter Dozier four (out of the eight I had), Alex Liddi two (out of 8), Jorge Bonifacio two (out of four), and Raul Mondesi one (strict one-per).

Some NW Arkansas Naturals...
After the game I got Vance Wilson on two cards Arron gave me, one of which will go to Corey out in New York.  Outside after the game, Guilder Rodriguez signed two, Gallo two, Alfaro one (out of two), Cody Buckel six, Kyle Lotzkar one, and Nick Williams nine. Not too bad a first outing for minors. I plan to hit a few more games this season whenever I have time.

Joey Gallo; I did the Photoshop work on this, love how it all turned out.
We'll see what I go for next; probably Rangers-Mariners next week, depending on how well I recover from the floorball tournament this weekend.

Also pulled in a TTM, Mike Lieberthal signed four cards through his home in 7 weeks.

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