Monday, April 6, 2015

Hounding Report: Mets-Rangers, April 3, and a couple TTMs

Ugh. Worst outing ever? Pretty close.

Strike one: I got to the tunnel late because I wanted to hit the food trucks downtown. It's my first cheat day on my diet. After dropping 15 pounds in 3 weeks, dammit, I deserve a reward. And it was a Korean beef bowl, a salted caramel chocolate cupcake, and a chili cheese footlong with chips at the game. So I missed Mitch Moreland, Jake Smolinski, and Adam Rosales. I only had stuff on Moreland though. On the plus side, I got Pudge for Mark in Chicago, and Dillon Gee on a ball for myself.

Strike two: The Mets didn't have a broadcast. So no Ron Darling, no Keith Hernandez.  Ugh.

Strike three: Pretty much no one signed down on the field. Terry Collins, Dan Warthen, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, and John Mayberry Jr. down the line. Curtis Granderson, David Wright, and Brandon Allen all signed for some over the dugout. I was not lucky enough to get any of them. I would have had Nieuwenhuis, Collins, and Warthen, but I had nothing for them. Mayberry skipped over me and quit about two people after me.

So, it was pretty much pointless. Hopefully this is not an omen.

I did get a few TTMs to make up for it. On Saturday, Frank Tanana rolled in, signing all 6 cards I sent, plus a religious testimonial card of his own. Each one was inscribed with a Bible verse (looks like he's a big fan of John). And today, I got Greg Harris (the former Padre), signing 4/4. Both took about a month.  So in the battle of Greg Harris vs. Greg Harris (I TTMed both on the same day), the younger one wins out.

HOUNDING TOTALS: 2 autographs from 2 players (1 from 1 for Mark, 1 from 1 for me).

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