Monday, September 28, 2015

Hounding Report: Dallas Stars Practice, September 26

I can tell it's been a while since I've graphed a practice. I parked at 9 am and missed nearly everyone coming in.  The Stars have redone their setup this season-- the player's parking area now has TWO doors instead of one, so players can completely duck crowds.  Last year they had to either walk the front or walk out a back door to an open lot.  This year there's now a second door so they can avoid the front while not having to park out back.

The first player I got was Colton Sceviour, who signed three cards. He looks almost exactly like Ryan Garbutt, which threw me off. Garbutt got traded in the offseason. Jamie Oleksiak was next, signing two cards (one to Jon in Florida) and a photo. Unfortunately he signed the photo in a dark spot. I have another copy of it, which I may get signed in gold just to counteract that possibility.

After the players left the ice, I missed out on Antoine Roussel-- I didn't recognize him with his sunglasses on and a hat. Oh well, I'll get him later. I'm far from being in midseason form...

Kari Lehtonen came out and pulled his car over, jumping out to sign for us all. Kari is always great about that-- he may try to avoid the crowds but if you find him, he's one of the best signers among big names. He signed my 11x14. On his way in he told us he would sign afterward, he had to hurry in as he was a last-minute addition to practice. But true to his word, he did.

John Klingberg came through as well, signing a 11x14 for me as well. I missed Cody Eakin and Alex Goligoski while doing so, but they're always good signers and I've gotten them a ton already whereas I hadn't ever gotten Klingberg.  Tyler Seguin also walked through but it was obvious he wasn't in a signing mood-- because he never is. Also everyone else got him before I arrived and he had enough of an attitude then.

Patrick Sharp signed all three cards I had of him, and Jason Spezza signed his usual two-per.  James Patrick was his usual three-per, and Patrick Eaves was one-per.  Protip: You still need to rub down 2006-07 Black Diamond cards. I didn't think it was necessary but it bubbled a good bit.

Johnny Oduya walked out with Jason Demers. I had nothing for Demers, but Oduya signed three. After Jamie Benn went by ignoring the whole four of us there, Jordie signed but I had nothing for him.  I walked to the front (missing Moen in the process) and Ales Hemsky signed three cards for me at the main entrance.

Not too bad a first outing. Stars practice again next weekend, so I'll try to go then as well.


  1. I value what you do here and am VERY grateful to read this! I am simply pondering if you would be able or willing to go in detail about how you find these and what action steps need to be taken. (Where/when/ect.)

    I am located in the DFW area and have recently got very interested in this remarkable hobby! Any information would be great! Or maybe people here could start meeting together at the places and sharing information?

    Anyway regardless I sure appreciate this site!

  2. There's a practice schedule on the Stars' website; that's your best bet as to how to find out when they practice.